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FF XIII-2 Paddra Nsu-Yeul by B-AGT FF XIII-2 Paddra Nsu-Yeul :iconb-agt:B-AGT 3,005 188 Rapunzel in 2D by B-AGT Rapunzel in 2D :iconb-agt:B-AGT 2,315 86 Stella Final Fantasy Versus XIII by B-AGT Stella Final Fantasy Versus XIII :iconb-agt:B-AGT 2,948 247
For Marluxia Lovers - 2011
You smile to yourself in a peaceful manner as you hug your warm, thick blanket closer to your body. You'd just woken up a few minutes ago, but as usual you couldn't be bothered to actually get out of bed, so instead you decided to just stay in bed and rest your eyes. And by resting your eyes you meant falling back asleep.
You sighed, squirming deeper into the duvet, wiggling your toes happily. You felt so at peace. Well, you did. Until somehow had to ruin it.
"Why hello there, beautiful," You recognized that voice instantly.
"Hey Marluxia," You breathed, still half asleep, not really paying attention
You smiled, closing your eyes, before opening them again.
"Wait! Marluxia!?" You shot up, toppling out of your bed in shock as you spotted Marluxia lying on top of the bed sheets, his arms linked behind his head as he smirked flirtatiously at you.
"You okay there, gorgeous?" He asked raising his eyebrows as you sat up from the floor, blowing your hair out of your face grumpily, rest
:iconxxxxbeccaxxxx:XXXXBECCAXXXX 86 54
C u t e by FlabnBone C u t e :iconflabnbone:FlabnBone 712 146
For Sephiroth Lovers - 2011
A wide, mischievous grin appears on you're face as you sprint down one of the empty hallways of the Shin-Ra building, letting out a small giggle as you hear Genesis running after you, yelling at the top of his voice. You'd, yet again, stolen his copy of Loveless, and to annoy him even more, told him that you were going to flush it down the toilet, which resulted in him angrily chasing you around the whole building.
"__________, give me my book back, for God's sake!" Genesis shouted furiously, and as you looked over your shoulder you saw that he looked absolutely livid, in fact, you were surprised there wasn't steam coming out of his ears.
You giggled, looking ahead again as you sped around a corner, heading towards the elevators that were just at the end of the corridor. You could here Genesis' footsteps getting quieter, and glancing over your shoulder you saw that he was slowing down now, his face bright red from exhaustion.
As you skidded inside the lift, you pressed all the b
:iconxxxxbeccaxxxx:XXXXBECCAXXXX 234 172
Roxas and Xion by Ikanana Roxas and Xion :iconikanana:Ikanana 847 139 Oerba Dia Vanille by OmniaMohamedArt Oerba Dia Vanille :iconomniamohamedart:OmniaMohamedArt 88 16 Vanille - Final Fantasy XIII by Dignity13 Vanille - Final Fantasy XIII :icondignity13:Dignity13 1,168 223 Serah - Final Fantasy XIII by Dignity13 Serah - Final Fantasy XIII :icondignity13:Dignity13 580 92 Serah: one star by Rinoa-Light-Leonhart Serah: one star :iconrinoa-light-leonhart:Rinoa-Light-Leonhart 182 121
The Silence - Epilogue
-Main Pairing (s): – Axel x Zexion, Demyx x Roxas
-Secondary Pairing (s): Luxord x Larxene
-Notes: This fanfiction contains yaoi/shounen ai and hetro, which means that it contains boy-boy and boy-girl love, between Axel and Zexion, Demyx and Roxas and Luxord and Larxene from Kingdom Hearts. If you do not agree with Yaoi/Shounen Ai and Hetro then please click that wonderful thing I like to call and back button and leave the page.
- Usual Thing: I don't own any of the characters, nor the games of which they come from, just the plot of my fanfiction.
-Please comment this, otherwise I will just assume it sucks.
If you would have asked me five years ago 'Where do you think you'll be when you leave school?', I would have most probably said dead or at least attempting to end my life in some tragic way. A little extreme? Maybe. But my life at school was hell, I was attac
:iconzakkur-a:Zakkur-a 19 54
Mature content
The Silence - Chapter XVII :iconzakkur-a:Zakkur-a 18 48
The Silence - Chapter XVI
The Silence – Chapter XVI
"Be careful!" I gritted my teeth and turned to scowl at Axel, whose hands were hovering just around my hips, trying to make sure I didn't fall as I entered my front door for the first time since coming home from hospital.
"Axel," I moaned and rolled my eyes, "I hit my head, I can walk fine," I continued explaining and I saw him pout slightly before his hands grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him, squeezing me tightly in his arms.
'Damn you, you know you're hugs make me forgive you, damn you to fucking hell, Axel'
"I just worry Zexion, you've been through too much," Axel sighed as he placed a kiss on the top of my head, Vexen smiled slightly at us when he managed to get around our embrace and shuffled into the kitchen.
"Yeah," I murmured and look up at him with what little room he gave me in his arms, "but you were there, so it's alright," I was actually just babbling at this moment, I wanted to get inside for the sheer fact that it was freezing, thou
:iconzakkur-a:Zakkur-a 19 39
The Silence - Chapter XV
The Silence – Chapter XV
"I never imagined that you would be so beautiful," I frowned as my eyes slowly opened, it was still pitch black like the other times my eyes had opened, but this time I could feel someone next to me, "don't strain yourself, you're still fragile," their voice told me that they were female, their voice was so soft and caring that I instantly warmed to them.
"W-where am I?" I stuttered as I slowly sat up and squinted to try and see the woman beside me.
"In the waiting zone, sweetie," I felt her place a kiss on my forehead and my heart stopped for a while, I could suddenly see who it was in front of me and I couldn't control the sudden amount of tears that were falling from my eyes.
"Mum?" I cried and she smiled so gracefully that I couldn't help but want to reach out and touch it; she was so pretty that it stunned me constantly.
"Hey," Aqua chuckled and brushed her hands over her pale blue dress, "don't panic, you're not dead," she added and stopped for a whi
:iconzakkur-a:Zakkur-a 18 31
The Silence - Chapter XIV
'No, no, no' I grabbed my curled my hands into my hair, pulling harshly at it as I stared at the screen of my computer, 'no, please, please, he was the only teacher I liked, please' I felt tears stinging my eyes as I pulled at my hair once more. I quickly launched forwards and shut the computer down, my hands shaking as I did so and clambered underneath my bed covers. Terra is my father.
That was the only thing that kept running around my head as I slowly drifted off to sleep in my clothes, dreaming of that bastard who knew who he was and had still sent me to that place, that godforsaken place that still gave me nightmares, made me the way I was now, almost scared of other people, petrified I was going to be attacked again…all because of what he did. I know I should add my mother into the equation, but she actually cared for me, though she didn't visit, she cared enough to make a memory book of me, to keep in contact with Vexen to see how I was doing, Terra had been there in my cl
:iconzakkur-a:Zakkur-a 19 26



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